About Us

Haremlique Istanbul was founded in 2007 by Caroline N. Koç, who comes from a family with a century long history in the textile industry, and designer N. Banu Yentür. The brand is a combination of their creativity and extensive experience.

Haremlique Istanbul specializes in the production of high quality bed linen products for residential and commercial use. Our aim is to share the designs inspired by modern Istanbul and the various styles coming from our geography's opulent history, as well as share our local artisanal talents.
Haremlique Istanbul also provides bespoke services.

Vision & Mission Statement
Haremlique Istanbul was founded with the mission to create the world’s finest, most luxurious linens and home textiles products and bring them into homes all over the world. Over the past 10 years, Haremlique Istanbul has become synonymous with quality, timeless designs and long-lasting customer relationships. Our passion for quality, both in our products and services, has been the driving force behind our sustained growth.

Haremlique à la mer
Haremlique à la mer, our Istanbul based luxury beachwear brand is founded in 2011. It comprises of timeless designs for the world traveler. Embellished through delicate embroidery and hand beading with meticulous craftsmanship, Haremlique à la mer’s core approach is to offer contemporary elegance and style in comfort.
The resort collection, manufactured using natural linen, silk and cotton fabrics include kaftans, tunics, travel & beach bags, beach towels, hats, peshtamals, pareos, summer footwear and a variety of accessories.